AgroTech sector gets a boost with INR 5.6 crore investment into Flybird Farm Innovations


Flybird Farm Innovations has received an investment of INR 5.6 crores from Platforma Agritech Private Ltd. Flybird, which is a major name in the Agrotech sector, focuses primarily on the use of sensors in the soil to detect moisture content and control irrigation in farms across South India.
Spice Route Legal team, comprising of Mathew Chacko and Aishwarya Prasad, advised the Bengaluru-based start-up, through the fund-raising procedure.

While agriculture has been a sector devoid of any technological growth for the longest time, it is interesting to note how the focus of the tech world has now expanded to include the world’s oldest profession. There are multiple start-ups and innovators that are disrupting the traditional agricultural ecosystem in India, by making it more sustainable and cost-effective. The information obtained by Flybird, through its sensors, is used to optimise irrigation practices, boost crop yield and at the same time save up on essential resources like water and labor. This is a brilliant concept by Flybird, not only gives a boost to the agriculture sector but also saves water in the process. Talk about sustainable there!

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