Uncanny Vision Solutions raises INR 5 crore funding from investor club


Bangalore-based Uncanny Vision has raised INR 5 crores in its latest round of fund raising from multiple investors including Karnataka based Rangsons Technologies and Rebright Partners, a Singapore based venture capital fund. Spice Route Legal’s team including Mathew Chacko, Renuka Abraham, and Mohana Moparthi advised Uncanny Ventures through the entire fundraising process.

Uncanny Vision is a start-up with a unique vision. While most CCTV cameras simply record the images or provide live feed, the Uncanny Surveillance goes a step ahead and enables the surveillance cameras to “see” and “understand” their environment instantly using AI and deep learning algorithms. The AI-powered cameras can detect and understand multiple detailed attributes about people, vehicles, and objects seen by surveillance cameras, which can come in handy in the smart city traffic cameras, ATM security and any kind of outdoor surveillance.

This is a one of a kind start-up in India and Spice Route Legal has successfully advised this unique venture in its fundraising, showcasing its expertise in advisory in the disruptive technology practice.

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