Webinar: Games VC’s Play!


From “trust us, we will never enforce this clause!” to “let us retain one joint lawyer” or “this is market” or more sophisticated approaches like let us put in a small conversion cap (it hardly matters!), Venture Capital has a fairly standard playbook when it comes to squeezing an investee company. It is a common playbook that we come across – one which most sophisticated investors realise is a lose-lose proposition in the early stages of a company. Regardless, we see this same argument play across negotiating rooms over 50 times in a year!   

As lawyers who represent both investors and investee companies regularly, Aishwarya, Arun, and Mathew (who between them have advised on over 300 deals) will take you across some of the most common games that VCs (and those who pretend to be VCs) play in India – half in jest and half-seriously!

Join us on May 11, 2020, at 5 pm for this discussion!

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