Negotiating Terms with an Investor: Early Stage Fintech Focus


Negotiating Terms with an Investor: Early Stage Fintech Focus


If you are the Founder/CFO/Legal Counsel of an early-stage fintech start-up, join us for an interactive discussion and a mock negotiation session on the art of negotiation terms with an investor. We plan on answering the investment focussed questions that you face every time you negotiate a round of fundraise.

Praveen Raju and Mathew Chacko, who between them have negotiated some of the largest seed and Series A rounds this year, will take the opposite ends of the table to demonstrate the art in action.

We aim to provide simple answers to these complicated questions :

  • How to diligence the investor?
  • What are the terms in the term sheet that should be negotiated?
  • How should you negotiate representations and warranties?
  • How does one structure indemnities?
  • How does one ensure that personal assets are protected?
  • What are the regulatory risks that should be reflected in the document?
  • To be exclusive or not to be exclusive?

Write to Ishita Dasgupta at  ishita.dasgupta@localhost if you want to be a part of this round. 

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